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New web tool detects human empathy

. | Pride 2012

CAPTCHA pictureCivil Rights Defenders is launching an upgraded version of the web tool CAPTCHA – which can detect human empathy. The new web tool aims to pinpoint what differentiates humans from robots, namely the ability to understand other people's feelings. The CAPTCHA will be launched during Belgrade Pride, which takes place between the 30th of September and the 6th of October, to highlight the violations against human rights that dominated the festival in previous years.

A CAPTCHA normally requires the user to decode a distorted image that appears on the screen, and type in the letters or digits they believe are hidden in the image. But what primarily separates humans from robots is not the ability to decode words. To demonstrate this, Civil Rights Defenders has developed a new CAPTCHA, distinguishing humans from robots by using our ability to feel compassion.

"Ironically, we are asked by computers to prove our humanity by interpreting and decoding words. But what really tells us apart is our ability to express emotions. Therefore, we've built a CAPTCHA that lets us prove our humanity by showing empathy, while simultaneously highlighting injustice in the world", says Natasha Jevtic Esbjörnson, Head of Communications at Civil Rights Defenders.

Between the 30th of September and the 6th of October, Pride week takes place in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. On 3 October, only three days before the planned parade, the National Security Council decided to ban all public manifestations during the weekend, claiming that national security was in great danger. In 2010 the authorities proved that they could protect their citizens. A Pride parade was carried through for the first time ever in Serbia – without any of the participants getting hurt.

Civil Rights Defenders has defended equal rights for gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in the Western Balkans for over a decade. The organisation is one of the main organizers of Pride, as well as a unifying factor for the Serbian LGBT community.

How Civil Rights Defenders' CAPTCHA works

Instead of visually decoding an image of distorted letters, the user has to take a stand regarding facts about human rights. The CAPTCHA generates six random words from a database, which vary depending on whether the described situation is positively or negatively charged. These words describe both positive and negative emotions. The user selects the word that best matches how they feel about the situation, and writes the word in the CAPTCHA. Only one answer is correct, the answer showing compassion and empathy.

Download the CAPTCHA

Alliance Against Discrimination of LGBT Albania

. | Support

Dear Belgrade Pride Activists

Aleanca Kundër Diskriminimit LGBT (hereinafter The Alliance Against the Discrimination of LGBT) in Albania wants to send you the support and wish for a successful Pride.

We are convinced that your initiative, full commitment and will as activists for the protection and promotion of the LGBT community rights will be estimated by all your community in Serbia and also further in the Region.

We want to express our commitment for support in any democratic form, in order to achieve our common goal.

The Staff of the Alliance Against the Discrimination of LGBT and the Albanian LGBT community joins your noble cause to organize this Pride of "Love Faith and Hope".

We believe in the humane and noble values that this Pride will demonstrate and we have hope and faith that the Regional community is also concerned and interested with the progress of the activities that will render this week very special.

A group of Activists from our organization are with you in Belgrade, to present the message of friendship and partnership for the rights and freedoms of any individual, especially regarding LGBT issues.

We are ready to forward the message of cooperation and support any time that our joint interest demands directing it towards all the local institutions and even further.

Alliance Against Discrimination of LGBT wishes you a week full of activities and security to the benefit of the Belgrade Pride.

"Love, Faith, Hope"

Have a good, safe and successful Pride


Aliaj Eugert
Public Affairs Manager
Alliance Against Discrimination of LGBT Albania

Draško Bogdanović: Liberation

. | Vesti

05-1Dragi prijatelji, drage prijateljice,

Zbog velikog interesovanja Beograd prajd i fotograf Draško Bogdanović odlučili su da izložbu ovog autora otvore za sve zainteresovane.

Pozivamo vas da nakon projekcije filma KLIP dođete u klub Apartman u 22 sata, Karađorđeva 43.

Happy Pride!

Marcus Agar

. | Support

Dear Team

I just wanted to take a few moments to send my very best wishes to you and to everyone involved in the organisation of Belgrade Pride 2012. The value of this week of public discussions, events and gatherings cannot be underestimated and Media & Communications Consultant  positive impact will be long and widespread. It isn't always easy for you to keep moving forward, I am sure, but you know the importance of what you are doing and, sadly, how necessary it is.

I hope that my efforts to attract international supporters has been of some value and encouragement to you and has maybe even helped put additional pressure on the authorities. I hope that we have shown the LGBT community in Serbia that they are not alone: the World is watching.

I am sorry that I will be unable to be with you this week but I will be there in spirit. I will follow news reports and should be publishing some of my own updates and opinions, too.

I will be in Belgrade 21-26 October so maybe we could meet then.

With love, faith and hope for a better future. Stand proud.

Marcus Agar

Media & Communications Consultant

European Gay Police Association

. | Support

Dear organizers of Belgrade Pride Week 2012,

EGPAThe European Gay Police Association (EGPA) is an organization of LGBT Police Officers which supports LGBT Police employees in Europe and provides policing support to the LGBT members of the public.

On behalf of the board of EGPA I would like to extend my support to the Belgrade Pride Week 2012 and especially the Belgrade Pride Parade on October 6th 2012.

We wish for a peacefull event for all the participants as well as the Police for protecting the Belgrade Pride Parade.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Herman Renes
Chief Inspector of Police in the Netherlands
President of the European Gay Police Association

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